Baby sitter

Take children with you? Let them have the best vacation and let yourself! Have a free time while baby sitters take care of your children.

We have a lot of interesting things to do – playing, swimming, cooking, etc.

In our villas it is possible to request the services of a qualified babysitter who can look after your children on those tours, excursions, which are not suitable for them, or simply for a romantic evening.

The service is agreed upon according to your needs, contact us for availability. The price listed is a deposit that we’ll add to the final service price.


$1.36 / Per Day / Per Guest

3 thoughts on “Baby sitter

  1. Regan

    Hello! I came across your website and was wondering if you might be able to help. I’m hoping to travel some time in 2023 with my husband and 4year old daughter. Ideally we would like to stay for a month or so and work remotely and find some sort of childcare during the week for our child. Is this something you guys might have? (Accommodation and/or child care)

    Thanks for any info!

  2. Juan

    We can find a Nany that she can work with you on the home

  3. Juan

    mensaje de prueba de juancho

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